Beavers Can't Convert Chances, Lose 1-0

Beavers Can't Convert Chances, Lose 1-0

PRATT, Kans.- Despite ample chances in the box, the Beavers were unable to find the back of the net, losing 1-0 in the opening match of the 2019 season. 

When providing an outlook for the 2019 season, Coach Kewley suggested that his offense would likely need some time to find its flow. As he also predicted, the Beavers' back line would be his club's immediate strength. He had glowing words for his defensive unit despite the score.

"Defensively we played very well," Kewley said. "On defense we were very sound. Offensively, we missed a ton of chances in the first-half. We just couldn't put the ball away."

Speaking on behalf of his defense, Kewley highlighted the efforts of a pair of freshmen that weren't intimidated by their first sample of collegiate soccer.

"Aaron Valenciana played very well and Kade Kropp played very well," Kewley said. "They were the cornerstones of the defense. They kind of led everybody."

The result didn't favor the Beavers, but Kewley's attack wasn't short on scoring chances. Kewley mentioned that the Beavers controlled the pace, created offensive momentum and was a side capable of finding a winning result.

"We had the ball for most of the first-half, we had a couple of balls cleared off the line, their goalkeeper made a couple of good saves. But we didn't help the situation by missing a couple of chances, not putting the ball on target whether it was a clean through-ball and that type of stuff.

"You get frustrated because you realize they broke away and scored a goal and made it a different completely different game. We had chances all throughout the game but that's a big concern of mine right now."

The lone Northeast College goal scored in the middle of the first-half forced Kewley to change course. That, experimenting with his personnel on the field, as well as other circumstances, tied together a variety of waning factors working against the Beavers.

"We were chasing it a little bit," Kewley said. "The good thing is everyone got to play and they got to work on the formation. It was good in that respect. It was a shock to some of our international boys, in terms of the rules, the refereeing, and the heat. But they have to get it out of their system and realize this what we are going to be facing."

With a scheduled kickoff of 3 pm CT, the Beavers will be given an immediate opportunity to reclamate tonight's loss. Kewley hopes his club will not shy away from the ball, and thus the opportunity to score.

"It looked like to me there were some of them that were afraid to make mistakes. They didn't play with any kind of confidence, which pauses me, because I want us to believe that we're better than the other team and we're going to prove it. I want to see a completely different attitude tomorrow."