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A Message from the Athletic Director Regarding Beaver Backers

"I am excited to begin my tenure as the Athletic Director at Pratt Community College!
I see the value in higher education and the opportunities athletics provides for many young people. College athletics isn’t for everyone, but the chance to be a part of a team builds many life skills. As a young person, being away from home for the first time, learning different routines, getting along with new people, and understanding how to sacrifice for the best of the team are invaluable lessons. By joining the Beaver Backers, you are making a contribution that goes directly towards athletic scholarships.
I believe by placing our resources in scholarships, we can enhance the quality of our programs and in order to be competitive in arguably the toughest junior college athletic conference in the nation. For those who have been prior members, I am truly grateful. I hope we can continue to keep your loyalty, and for those who are joining for the first time, thank you! We hope you will enjoy the experience.
The athletic programs at Pratt Community College enhance the quality of our community and surrounding area. Our student-athletes put in over 8,000 community service hours in 2018-19. We believe in “giving back” to a community that has been so supportive. Being visible and active in our community is important to me, and I plan to continue this culture. I am pleased to say seven of our 11 athletic programs had a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher in the 2018-19 school year and were nominated for NJCAA Academic Team of the Year. Certainly something to be proud of. Pratt Community College will have over 200 student-athletes on campus this year. Your support will be vital for our programs."
Go Beavers!

-Tim Swartzendruber

Director of Athletics, Pratt Community College


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Mission Statement

The Pratt Community College Beaver Backers is an organization dedicated to supporting, promoting and advancing Pratt Community College athletics. Pratt Community College Athletics promotes an environment that encourages student-athletes to reach their maximum potential in academic progress, athletic competition, and personal development. The Beaver Backers is an organization that will assist Pratt Community College with providing the support and resources necessary for student-athletes to achieve success in each of these pursuits.