PCC men's basketball coach Sean Flynn returns from coaching clinics abroad

PCC men's basketball coach Sean Flynn returns from coaching clinics abroad

Pratt Community College men's basketball coach Sean Flynn travelled to Southern Australia to direct four basketball clinics over 12 days in July. The clinics are part of International Hoops Camps of South Australia. The clinics featured high school aged players from around the country.

 "The folks in South Australia treated me well," said Flynn. "The kids work hard and respect the game."

 Before Flynn left for Australia he said that he was eager to see how coaches teach the game as well as the players.

 While there he experienced a range of age and talent level but he says he also saw an intensity from all of the players that he coached and says that they showed a real respect for the game.

 "During one consecutive 7 day stretch we were coaching and playing for 8 hours a day," said Flynn.

 Flynn worked four clinics with a wide variety of athletes. Three of the camps were made up of high school players developing their skills for middle school and high school play. Flynn had the opportunity to work with the players beginning to play basketball to develop their basic and technical skills that are required to be competitive in the game.

 "These players craved attention to detail in the game and they know how to play," said Flynn. "I am grateful for the experience."

 Flynn is now back stateside continuing recruiting for his 2018-2019 team. Men's basketball games will begin in the Winter. Visit gobeaversports.com for the full roster and schedule as the season begins.